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Appleford Parish Council

Appleford-on-Thames is a village and civil parish on the south bank of the River Thames about 2 miles (3 km) north of Didcot, Oxfordshire. It was part of Berkshire until the 1974 local government boundary changes. The 2011 Census recorded the parish’s population as 350.

Evidence of Romano-British settlement has been found in a field south of the parish church plus ceramics and human burials of the same period at Manor Farm. In 1968 the Appleford Hoard of 4th-century Roman artefacts was found. It includes Roman coins, pewter ware, and ironmongery including tools, a chain and a padlock. The hoard is now in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

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Other Notices

Following various meetings with Oxfordshire County Council, Appleford prepared a “Position Paper” which was submitted to the Council Leadership and other local stakeholders in January (FCC Environment, Hanson, RWE  and other Parish Councils).  The Position Paper was informed by the findings of the village survey and represents the views of the village.   We are awaiting a date to discuss the village position and village requirements with the Council Leader and his team.  In the mean-time meetings with OCC transport planners continue.

Appleford is not opposed to the new road and supports it in principle, particularly the objective of relieving local traffic congestion.  However, it is opposed to: –

  • an elevated road & flyover at the rail sidings with trailing embankments
  • that will be visually intrusive, and
  • will generate significant traffic noise along with
  • rail noise echo from an expanded rail flyover bridge , and
  • emissions, harmful to human health, blowing onto residents below

Appleford wishes to work with all stakeholders to find an alignment at ground level that eliminates it’s reasonable concerns.

The village is also seeking access to the new road at the proposed roundabout and not at a T junction on a busy main road with a speed limit of 50 mph. 

No Flyover at Appleford Sidings

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In Oct 2020, Appleford Parish Council commissioned a  village survey to establish the views of the village on the proposed new road and river crossing.  The Survey provides a mandate to represent these views and negotiate with Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) on behalf of the village.  The findings of the survey were presented to OCC planning officers on 20 November 2020.

Position Paper

Where do we go from here?

Address to OCC Council: Appleford Parish Council will address a meeting of OCC Council in full session on 9th Feb to present its opposition to the flyover bridge.   It is seeking a commitment from the Council to work with the Parish and other stakeholders to find a resolution to village concerns.

Meeting our local MP: On 27 Jan. ARG (subgroup of APC) made a presentation to RH David Johnston MP seeking restoration of Sunday Rail services for the village. We took the opportunity to note our opposition to the Flyover and said we will revert to him further.

Meeting Council Leadership: The Parish Council continues to meet OCC planning officers and is awaiting a meeting date to meet with the Council Leadership to discuss concerns and alternatives.

Meeting Sutton Courtenay Parish Council:  Appleford plans to meet with SCPC next week to seek support for a road a ground level.

Appleford will continue to work with interested parties and stakeholders to find a resolution.

Road Campaign:  Appleford has initiated a poster campaign in opposition to the Flyover.  It is looking at all options to find an alternative to the Flyover, including architectural models and drawing of alternative alignments for discussion.  It is considering a Crowd Funding initiative to enhance the financial support offered by local residents and is looking at every possible option to find a compromise.  If compromise remains illusive it will ultimately consider recourse to legal initiatives and the possibility of Judicial Review.        

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