New Relief Road & River Crossing

Information Alert – New Relief Road & River Crossing

Do you know how the major new road, river crossing and housing developments will affect you?

Appleford Parish Council (PC) wish to share the latest information on proposed relief road that will run parallel to the village. 

The PC and Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) transport planners met on 24 Sept. for initial consultations on the new road & river crossing. Highlights to note are:

  • A major flyover over the railway sidings overlooking the village and main road.
  • Access to and from the new 50 mph road will be by T junction (not roundabout)
  • You will need to briefly join the new road to drive, cycle, or walk to Sutton Courtenay, disrupting our long standing historic social connection. 
  • A footpath and cycleway along the B4016 (near wetlands) to link Appleford to the new road and to Sutton Courtenay.   
  • Traffic lights with one-way flow at the railway bridge to facilitate pedestrians, rail passengers and cyclists to cross safely and to discourage out of village traffic
  • No station parking, or improvement of rail service is in scope

Construction will commence in 2021 and is anticipated to cost £243million. This investment in infrastructure will unlock over 17,000 new homes locally.  

What can you do?

Given the significant impact that these plans will have on our village, Appleford PC has created a working group to conduct a Village Survey and support open communication channels between the village, OCC, and other stakeholders. 

A confidential and anonymous on-line Appleford Village Survey. It can be completed on PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone. Paper copies will be provided on request, with care taken to maintain compliance with Covid guidelines and anonymity. 

Click here to fill out our survey.