A recent OCC planning report (April 2023 (1) confirms that the proposed HIF1 will impose severe, permanent, and unmitigated noise damage to Appleford homes closest to the HIF1 route.

Although the report attempts to play down the impact, if the road is granted planning permission on the 27th June, OCC will knowingly and deliberately sacrifice Appleford homes to achieve an HGV and trunk road between the A34 and (eventually) the M40.

OCC consultants have refused to investigate the particular noise problems in Appleford (existing main line railway & sidings), let alone the cumulative effect of adding HIFI traffic noise on top of this. The proposed road flyover design over Appleford sidings will likely reflect and amplify rail noise back towards homes in Main Road. OCC propose a 3 metre high road noise barrier along the parapet of the flyover. Will this also reflect rail noise back towards homes? None of this has been analysed. With all the trees cut down to build the road, this barrier at 11m above the gardens of adjacent homes, will be the dominant view from the backs of homes on Main Road. If you wish to object to this injustice, write to the planning officer now (2), sign the FoE petition (3) and attend the 26/27th June protest outside County Hall (4) .

An Appleford proposal hopes to measure existing noise levels. If the construction of the HIF1 road diminishes the future value of your home, as a result of noise, vibration or fumes, baseline and subsequent noise measurements will be required to pursue compensation claims (5). 

(1)Download:  Didcot Garden Town HIF 1 Scheme Environmental Statement – Noise and Vibration (PDF)

(2) Email: planning@oxfordshire.gov.uk – title: Objection to Planning Application R3.0138/21

(3) Sign the petition: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/stop-oxfordshires-road-to-ruin 

(4) Email applefordpressings@gmail.com if you can join – or speak at – the Planning Meeting on 26 & 27th June

(5) Email applefordpcworkinggroup@gmail.com to pledge your support to Appleford noise assessment