The Parish Council continues to lead opposition to the HIF1 Road in its own name and through the Neighbouring Parish Council Joint Committee (NPC-JC) which represents 5 parish councils – Appleford, Sutton Courtenay, Culham, Burcot and Clifton Hampden and Nuneham Courtenay.

We are also working with other alliances – Oxfordshire Roads Action Alliance (ORAA), Oxford Friends of the Earth, and Transport Action Network (TAN).
The Joint Committee (NPC-JC ) has submitted a detailed objection to HIF1 in response to the Regulation 25 material and consultation.
The HIF1 scheme fails on multiple levels and should be rejected.
The HIF1 scheme conflicts with: 
  •  National Planning Guidance Framework  (NPPF, PPGs & WebTAG).
  •  Legally binding climate and C02 reduction policies and targets.
  •  Oxfordshire’s Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP).
  •  It fails to demonstrate how car usage (1 in 4 trips by 2030) can be reduced  and has no public transport provision whatsoever.
  •  The road is incompatible with the LTCP and OCCs own climate policies.
  •  HIF1 is not needed as claimed to deliver housing development plans.
  •  There is no Health Impact Assessment (HIA), a serious omission!
  •  The Traffic Assessment and modelling is deficient. It ignores induced demand
  •  HIF is not financially viable or deliverable within the completion deadline.
  •  Construction inflation has been ignored and back loaded spending increases the risk that inflation will make the project unviable and stop work midway.
  • Why start a project you know is unaffordable.
  • The total project cost £296m (before inflation) is excessive and is £33m per  mile  (£296m / 9 miles) is very poor value for money for an A road.

The HIF1 scheme is particularly damaging for Appleford and should not proceed for the following reasons.

  • No Health Impact Assessment (HIA) impact has been conducted.
  • The elevated road and flyover bridge will damage human health and enjoyment of the village for residents.
  • At 10m (30 ft) the Flyover is too high and visually intrusive.
  • The Noise assessment focuses on Main Road traffic and not HIF1.
    Traffic Noise will add to nuisance rail noise will damage local health.
  • HIF will impact Air Quality and rise above WHO safety limits.
    This will damage the health of residents permanently.
  • Air Quality
    There will be a minimum of 200 HGV daily movements past the village,
    spewing emissions as they accelerate fully laden up the HIF incline.
  • The Vale Planning Officer recognises that the road is too close to Appleford (and recommends that it should be moved west).
  • The HIF1 Road increase traffic and will not reduce it as claimed. (The Ladygrove development of 1800 houses has been ignored)
  • Local traffic modelling has not been carried out & treated as out of scope.
  • Section C the section that passes Appleford is estimated at £160m.
    That equates to circa £60m per mile for a section less than 3 miles. This is unaffordable and poor value for money.
Please keep abreast of HIF developments and continue to write to your Councillor ( ) and to the leadership at Oxfordshire Co. Co. Cllr Liz Leffman ( ) and
Planning objection – Although the consultation period is closed you have a legal right to object prior to any hearing (expected Feb or March).  You can write to the Planning Officer Emily Catcheside at ( ) quoting ref R3.0128/21.
You can also use the ORAA website which provides a wording template that you can use to submit your objection.  Simply click on option 1 and follow instructions on this link.
Please continue to support your Parish Council who have devoted energy and resources to defending our village from the damaging impacts of HIF1.  There is a lot at stake and this is not something to ignore.
Further updates will follow as they arise.
Appleford-on-Thames Parish Council
21 Jan 2023