We urge all residents to read & review the Survey results in detail.  
The new relief road will have a major impact on the village and as a community it is important that you stay abreast of developments and support us in our efforts to seek changes.

The main findings of the Survey are summarised below.
Further detail including responses to each question with graphs etc. can be found in the presentation
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Village Concerns

  • The road and flyover are too close (90%) and visually will damage the village landscape
  • Concerns about traffic noise & pollution (93%) from the flyover and raised embankment
  • Major concerns about vehicle emissions and the effect on human health (83%)
  • Loss of local access & physically cut off from Sutton Courtenay & the Millenium Common
  • Residents want access at the Roundabout (& not a dangerous T junction)


Priorities identified

  • Road to moved west by 200 meters (away from level crossing) & flyover bridge removed.
  • Access to the new road at the Roundabout
  • Even with road moved back – robust noise reduction and visual screening
  • Off-road foot / cycle path between Appleford & Sutton Courtenay


Meeting Oxfordshire County Council (OCC)

The WG met OCC transport planners and Cllr. Richard Webber on 2o Nov, to present the Survey findings and discuss architectural models (see below) developed by the Village along with potential changes to the road design.  The meeting covered a lot of detail over circa 3 hours and the WG will provide updates in due course.  The road is still at the design phase with OCC working to the approved alignment but many detailed features have not been decided.  This process and engagement with OCC is ongoing.