The Parish Council and the Neighbouring Parish Council Joint Committee (Appleford PC, Sutton Courtenay PC, Culham PC, Clifton Hampden & Burcot PC, and Nuneham Courtenay PC) have submitted objections to the Secretary of State for Transport.

The HIF1 scheme and Joint Statement of Reasons provided to support CPOs of private land, fails to meet the high standard required to demonstrate a compelling case in the public interest.

The scheme is deeply flawed and runs counter to any objective assessment on the climate emergency and need to reduce Co2 emissions.

Of particular concern to Appleford is the elevated road and flyover at the rail sidings that will negatively impact the local community both visually and in other ways and will be damaging to local health. We note there is no HIA (Health Impact Assessment) in the response by OCC to the Regulation 25 queries raised by the Planning Officer. This is contrary to National Planning Policy Framework and other guidance.

A number of other deficiencies are listed in the below letters of objection.